Visual Approach

January 1, 2018
Producer: Al Glynn and Divisim
Number of discs: 1
Ten songs have been recorded in total and are now available online. All songs can be streamed for free at SoundCloud, and a higher CD quality download may be downloaded at the Bandcamp link. A basic video for each track has also been uploaded to YouTube. Thank you for the support, stay tuned for future releases.

Preface on album by Al Glynn, Read more..

Al Glynn (Australia)- vocals, bass, keyboards, additional acoustic and electric guitars
Bob Peele (Australia) – drums
Jazzcrime (Finland) – acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukulele, bass on ‘Reach Out’, additional percussion and keyboards
Daniel Hauser (Austria)- electric guitars, additional bass and keyboards
François Vingrief (France) – lead guitar on ‘Albatross’
Grooveman (Canada) – lead guitar on ‘Transporter’

Songs written by Al Glynn

Recorded in Australia, Finland, Austria, France, and Canada

Produced by Al Glynn and Divisim

Mixed by Nathan Johnson, Mix Osmosis Studio, Sydney

Album Cover artwork from Pixabay: Jonny Linder

Album cover design: Al Glynn

Gallery artwork contributions: Pixabay

Video shorts: Pixabay

Mastered by William Bowden, King Willy Sound, Tasmania

Dedicated to the memory of Rolf Olsson


Divisim, all music (c). Contact